The consultancies produced by Synopsis – Intelligence, Strategy and Diplomacy are of three types.

The first type is the development, on demand, of international policy analysis (mainly in strategic and defense aspects) to support the planning of organizations – for example, for political risk analysis, scenario design, PEST / STEEP analysis, prevention and crisis anticipation and the like. The focus may vary: it may be the regional dynamics in which one (or more than one) country of interest is inserted; These may be more global aspects, thematic or otherwise – for example, acting in international political bodies and processes, potential impact on conflicting dynamics, or degree of international exposure. Synopsis has its own methodology for analyzing such issues. The products resulting from this form of consulting are typically an exclusive report and two briefing sessions of up to one (1) hour each.

The second type is the production, on demand, of short specific reports on an issue or theme of international politics or of a particular country or region. This type of analysis is typically informative and there is no commitment to exclusivity on the part of Synopsis – Intelligence, Strategy and Diplomacy, which retains copyright to the report; their disclosure and circulation are prohibited to the contracting party.

The third type is conducting interviews or lectures, in person or by videotransmission. Cost varies by theme, duration of activity and size of audience. For face-to-face activities, the calculation will include travel and accommodation time and expenses. Relay and circulation of interviews and lectures will depend on specific arrangements and will be negotiated on a case by case basis.


Synopsis training activities – Intelligence, Strategy and Diplomacy are also of three types.

The first type is the in-company qualification of teams for the political analysis to be performed by the contracting organization itself. The training may be thematic, that is, on some international political issue or theme; methodological approach when it comes to developing competencies for international policy analysis; or behavioral, when dealing with complex negotiation or crisis prevention analysis and planning procedures. Qualification can be done in stages. The duration of the training activity will depend on each case, and will take into account the theme or subject, prior qualification and size of the team to be qualified, and the composition of the team responsible for the training.

The second type is the provision to wider audiences of courses of a more general nature on topics and subjects relating principally to international politics, strategy and defense; diplomacy, complex negotiations and international organizations; intelligence, early warning and crisis prevention. These courses may be offered by Synopsis staff members or by people specifically hired for this purpose.

The third type is the holding of public events to discuss issues and topics related to current international politics, particularly conjuncture analysis sessions. These will also be offered to a wider audience.


Synopsis – Intelligence, Strategy and Diplomacy carries out three outreach activities.

The first is the dissemination of short Commentary texts on relevant events or processes in international politics. These texts are freely accessible and will be published at regular intervals.

The second is the inclusion in the Read Also section of links to texts, comments, relevant documents available on other websites and web pages. Links will be included to the extent that they are identified at regular intervals.

The third, still under development, will be a publication with specialized comments, exclusive to subscribers.

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