Synopsis — Intelligence, Strategy, Diplomacy has three kinds of consulting services.

The first is the production, on demand, of analytical reports on international politics, particularly on defense and strategic issues, as a specialized input for strategic planning — e.g., for political risk analysis, scenarios planning, PEST or STEEP analysis, crisis prevention etc. Its focus may be upon a region of countries of interest or upon other global political processes, such as some specific political processes and dynamics within international organizations or agencies, or the potential political impact of some conflictual dynamics, or some country’s or region’s international exposure. Synopsis has its own methodology for analyzing such issues. Typical products of such consulting services would be an exclusive report and two briefing sessions lasting up to one hour each; but that can be tailored to clients’ needs.

The second is the elaboration, on demand, of shorter, specific reports on an an international politics issue or subject, or about some specific country or region. This kind of analysis is typically informative, and clients are not granted exclusive rights upon it; Synopsis keeps the intellectual property rights, and its diffusion or circulation to others is barred to the client.

The third are interviews and lectures, either in loco or videoconference. Costs vary according to subject, length and size of audience. For in loco activities, costs will include travelling and hosting expenses and time. Diffusion of interviews or conferences in any form (e.g., broadcasting, podcasts, dvd/blu-ray/cd/pendrives etc.) will be subject to specific arrangements and will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Synopsis — Intelligence, Strategy, Diplomacy has also three kinds of education and training activities.

The first is in-company qualification of teams so that clients can improve their own capacity for in-house political analysis. This can be about some specific subject or issue in international politics; about methods for doing international political analysis; or about skills for analysis and planning of complex, high-stakes negotiation or crises prevention. Any of the above can be done in stages or modules, depending on subject; the size of the team to attend; its previous experience and qualification on the issues; and the characteristics of the team responsible for the education and training activity.

The second kind are courses for the general public on international politics, strategy and defense-related issues; diplomacy, complex negotiations and international organizations; intelligence and crisis prevention and early warning. Such courses can be taught either directly by Synopsis’s staff or by other experts on specific occasions.

The third is the promotion of events dedicated to debating current international politics issues, either for specific audiences or for the general public.

Synopsis — Intelligence, Strategy, Diplomacy also has knowledge diffusion activities.

The first are shorter comments to relevant events or processes in international politics. These are open access texts, to be published on a more frequent basis.

The second is the Read also section, in which links for other websites’ and pages’ documents, news or comments are posted. Such links will be included as they are identified, and not on a regular, periodical basis.

The third, to be implemented shortly, will be a monthly publication, the Gyroscope, exclusively for subscribers of the Synopsis packs.

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