Synopsis — Intelligence, Strategy, Diplomacy is a firm dedicated to three kinds of activity: Consulting, Education and Training, and Knowledge Diffusion in international affairs. In consonance with its Mission and its Professional and Social Values, Synopsis applies and develops skills and knowledge in international political analysis; in intelligence analysis for early identification of opportunities and for crisis prevention; and in analysis and planning of complex negotiations.

Synopsis was founded in 2017 by Prof. Eugenio Diniz, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Synopsis contributes for increasing global welfare by helping people and organizations to better understand the international political environment so that they can take better professional and personal decisions.

Personal and political allegiances and affiliations will not interfere in analysis and conclusions.

Private and classified information disclosed to us will be preserved.

Unpleasant information and conclusions must be fully acknowledged and faced head-on.

Data and conclusions won’t be distorted, toned-down, softened or unacknowledged.

We will go to great lengths to ensure that information and its consequences be clearly and effectively understood.

Permanent improvement
We will be permanently monitoring for new theoretical approaches and for new opportunity for cross-fertilization among different knowledge fields.

Social Inclusiveness
We will contribute to improve equality of opportunity.

Potential conflicts of interest will be neutralized or clearly disclosed.

We will establish and maintain relationships by unequivocally respecting people’s rights and entitlements.

Our daily attitudes will bear witness to the fact that every person must be respected and valued.

Environmental Sustainability
We will minimize the environmental footprint of our activities.


Prof. Eugenio Diniz

Prof. Eugenio Pacelli Lazzarotti Diniz Costa is Synopsis’ CEO and founder.

He regularly gives testimony and hearings in the Brazilian Congress, and is a frequent participant in debates in Brazil’s Ministry of Defense, Armed Forces, Ministry of Foreign Relations, and other public and academic institutions in Brazil and abroad. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on international politics, strategic issues and defense policy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Prof. Diniz is currently President of the Brazilian International Relations Association — ABRI. He is also a member of: the International Institute for Strategic Studies — IISS (Londres); the Arms Control Association; of the International Studies Association — ISA; International Association for Security and Intelligence Studies — INASIS; Grupo de Estudos Estratégicos — GEE (Rio de Janeiro). He was an Intelligence Analyst at the Brazilian Intelligence Agency — ABIN. He is a CNPq Researcher and reviewer of many Brazilian and international academic journals.

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